Analytics and Metrics

We are experts at measuring impact and predicting outcomes from activities occurring in dynamic property-level environments. Dynamo uses advanced methods to quantify and predict the social and economic impacts of alternative policy and investment choices. Focusing on property, neighborhood and community-level activities, analytic results and metrics are translated into an online dashboard and mapping tool with traditional policy reports for decision making and engagement. Our research has a history of changing national policy.

Dashboard and Map Tool

Custom online dashboard and mapping tool make analytics and metrics accessible, understandable and actionable for stakeholders. Our technology is built from the ground up and is designed based on years of experience working with data and analytics that inform public policy decisions.  

Data Integration

Property and administrative data sets are combined into the analytics-ready Dynamo Data System. We have spent over a decade using data science and custom algorithms to quickly merge public and proprietary data sets into a single system that requires no change to existing data infrastructure.