Integrated property and neighborhood data systems
for research and government.


Data Integration

Property and administrative data sets are combined into the analytics-ready Dynamo Data System. We have spent over a decade using data science and custom algorithms to quickly merge public and proprietary data sets into a single system that requires no change to existing data infrastructure.

Dashboard and Map Tool

Cutting edge dashboards and map-based visualizations make analytics and data accessible, understandable and actionable for government stakeholders. Our technology is built from the ground up and is based on years of experience working with data and analytics that inform public policy decisions.  

Analytics and Metrics

Our research team uses advanced methods to quantify and predict the social and economic impacts of alternative policy and investment choices. Focusing on property, neighborhood and community level impacts, analytic results are translated into the web-based dashboard, map tool and policy reports for stakeholder engagement and decision making. The Dynamo team has expertise in problem properties and tangential property interventions, placemaking and economic development. Our research has a history of changing national policy.

Analytics-Ready data

Spend time doing research instead of chasing data. Analytics-ready data sets are designed for precise control of space and time dynamics. Our experience in creating integrated spatial time-series data allows researchers to stop being hindered by availability, structure or processing time from cross-origin data.

Academic institutions hire Dynamo to provide analytics-ready data and as subject experts that bring analytics-ready data to the table. Data is prepared to meet requirements of methods at the forefront of statistical inference. Research space thus far includes econometrics, ecology, criminology and epidemiology.

Dynamo Metrics has been a key player in both quantifying the impact of investment in Detroit’s blight removal and in attracting further investment from across the nation... Their methods are cutting-edge, and their products enjoy the respect of governments at every level... The results have been extraordinary: based on the analytics produced by Dynamo Metrics in Michigan and Ohio, we were able to persuade the federal government to reprogram hundreds of millions of dollars for blight removal (which also resulted in $2 billion of new foreclosure prevention money becoming available to selected states).
— Dan Gilbert, Chairman and Founder of Rock Ventures and Quicken Loans
Cuyahoga County (Cleveland, OH) has a national reputation as an innovator in land banking and blight removal. Dynamo Metrics has become an important part of our efforts. Our own data analytics capabilities are permanently upgraded because of our close interaction with Dynamo Metrics. Their leadership is well-known and well-regarded in our community. You will find that they deliver on their promises, and they will be able to work smoothly within your organizational setting.
— Gus Frangos, Chairman and General Counsel of the Cuyahoga Land Bank
A few years ago, I started looking for help for Gary as we worked toward data-driven government and planning. Despite numerous overtures from software and tech companies, we wanted a genuine partner who could build an integrated data system for Gary. I didn’t want consultants to tell me what should be done, or an expensive “one size fits all” program owned by an outside company. We were specifically looking for a company that could build Gary an integrated, intergovernmental data system, under challenging circumstances and help us grow our capacity to utilize it….No one but Dynamo Metrics could possibly deliver for Gary….They became part of our team, spending a lot of time in Gary, and working with staff at all levels. They have shown respect to all, and understand the challenges facing local government officials.
— Joseph Van Dyk, Executive Director of the Gary Redevelopment Commission and Director of Planning
City leaders can now better understand the financial impact of their target(ed) investments. Data-driven decision making is imperative, and firms like Dynamo Metrics affords us the ability to predict outcomes of program initiatives.
— Patrick Burtch, Jackson City Manager (Michigan)