Start-up firm mines data to aid Detroit blight fight

“One of the most important players in Detroit’s war on blighted properties is also among the least known... Dynamo, founded by partners Nigel Griswold and Ben Calnin, two Michigan State University graduates, operates in the arcane field of “spatial econometrics” — the marriage of vast amounts of public data with geographic mapping programs to analyze what works in urban redevelopment.”

— Detroit Free Press

Detroit blight fight to be boosted by Treasury funds

“A Michigan-led effort to have $2 billion in federal funds moved into a program that helps Detroit and other cities across the U.S. to tear down decrepit, abandoned buildings paid off Friday, with the state poised to receive as much as $323 million more in the months to come... A report released last October by the Skillman Foundation, Gilbert’s Rock Ventures and Dynamo Metrics indicated property values of homes within 500 feet of Hardest Hit Fund teardowns in Detroit had increased more than $209 million. And the increases in values were even higher in areas where there were complementary efforts such as side lots sales and nuisance abatement actions.”

— Detroit Free Press