OUR PRODUCTS HELP quantifY and predict the impact of policy and investment choices.


We build analytics-ready datasets from data that already exists in various government departments at the municipal, county, state, and federal levels. Our products include map- and report-based analytics, as well as web-based dashboards and decision tools.



  • Track and monitor property and neighborhood performance trends.
  • Sync data and intel across departments and agencies.
  • Actionable information for day-to-day activity and strategy building.
  • Data is analytics-ready and designed for precise control of space and time dynamics.
  • Allows for Custom Analysis to be performed quickly, at reduced cost.
  • Data is available to expedite work and reduce the cost of outside consultants working for you.
  • Option to share as an open data portal, limited external or strategic internal tool.


  • Neighbor Impact Analytics: Dynamo's standardized property intervention models calculate the property value impacts of demolition, rehabilitation and new builds. Track and report individual property and program impacts. Identify properties that will have the greatest intervention impact.
  • Property Manager: Manage program implementation, property acquisition and disposition.
  • Economic Developer: Identify optimal locations for new economic development based on existing infrastructure, areas of economic strength, land availability and more.
  • Urban Planner: Plan for land use, economic and population growth, capital infrastructure, green infrastructure, neighborhoods, and other land and building assets.



  • Measure impact and predict outcomes from activities occurring in dynamic property-level environments.
  • Quantify and predict the social and economic impacts of alternative policy and investment choices. 
  • Disciplines:
    - Housing policy
    - Ecology                  
    - Econometrics           
    - Epidemiology                    
    - Criminology             
    - Decision science
  • Assess ROI and cost-benefit ratios.
  • Create effective policy strategy and interventions.
  • Optimize budget allocations.
  • Maximize positive impact.