OUR PRODUCTS HELP quantifY and predict the impact of policy and investment choices.


We build analytics-ready datasets from data that already exists in various government departments at the municipal, county, state, and federal levels. Our products include map- and report-based analytics, as well as web-based dashboards and decision tools.



• Measure impact and predict outcomes from activities occurring in dynamic property-level environments.                              

• Quantify and predict the social and economic impacts of alternative policy and investment choices. 

• Disciplines:
- Housing policy
- Ecology                  
- Econometrics           
- Epidemiology                    
- Criminology             
- Decision science                  

• Assess ROI and cost-benefit ratios.

• Create effective policy strategy and interventions.

• Optimize budget allocations.

• Maximize positive impact.



• Track and monitor property and neighborhood performance trends.

• Sync data and intel across departments and agencies. 

• Actionable information for day-to-day activity and strategy building.

• Data is analytics-ready and designed for precise control of space and time dynamics.

• Allows for Custom Analysis to be performed quickly, at reduced cost. 

• Data is available to expedite work and reduce the cost of outside consultants working for you. 

• Option to share as an open data portal, limited external or strategic internal tool.