The Dynamo Metrics team has a history of creating decision-support tools which move national policy.


Detroit Demolition IMpact report

Since Mayor Mike Duggan took office, the City of Detroit has made large strides in removing blighted structures. Thousands of vacant homes have been removed at a more rapid pace than ever before in Detroit's history. In order to better understand the positive economic impact of these demolitions, the Skillman Foundation and Rock Ventures commissioned an impact study to evaluate the economic effect of the recent demolitions.

The study found that each demolition in the Detroit Hardest Hit Fund target areas increased surrounding occupied home values by an estimated 4.2%. Cumulatively, the home equity impact of all demolition activity was calculated at $209,000,000.

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State of Michigan Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Program

In order to show state government departments the mutual benefits of data sharing under the EIM, Dynamo developed ten use cases analytic outputs – each using data from two or more departments or public sources. Dynamo advised the EIM steering committee and met extensively with leaders from each participating department to help establish data sharing and data driven governance.


City of gary land use decision support system

The City of Gary realizes that as an industrial legacy city it must make the most of its data to manage problems and look ahead to redevelopment. Under the joint sponsorship and collaboration of two special-purpose taxing authorities, the Gary Redevelopment Commission and the Gary Sanitary District – Dynamo developed and maintains a place-specific Space-Time Analytics Data System™ for Gary. Working closely with the Center for Community Progress and other advisors, Dynamo has become part of the team that will make Gary a model for data infrastructure and governance.