Dynamo Metrics was born out of the premise that better data drives better decision making. Since 2005, we’ve been working with local data to generate insights for government decision-makers. We’ve developed proprietary approaches to extracting, cleaning and connecting disparate data sources. Even more, we’ve leveraged our deep economic expertise to create new data that enables government to assess the impact of interventions on surrounding properties.

The result: Neighborhood Intel is uniquely capable of providing decision support and scenario planning for local governments. 



Nigel is an innovator and leader in the field of spatial econometrics, the study of the effects of distance and proximity on economic activity. Nigel’s work in urban policy began in 2004, when he examined the relationship between blight abatement and housing values in Flint, Michigan, at the behest of Congressman Dan Kildee, who was then treasurer of Genesee County. Nigel’s subsequent research culminated in the decision of U.S. Treasury to allow Hardest Hit Fund money to be spent on blight demolition.

Nigel now focuses on growing Dynamo Metrics and scaling the delivery of its cloud-based decision support platform, Neighborhood Intel™, for state and local government. Nigel and Co-Founder, Ben, are also furthering their thought leadership in the use of spatial time series metrics in varying fields of urban and regional social science research.

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As co-founder and CTO of Dynamo Metrics, Ben leverages his background in policy-relevant research to create software that weighs policy options to create solutions that maximize positive impact for public, private and community groups. Together with fellow Dynamo Metrics co-founder, Nigel Griswold, he led the creation of analytics-ready data systems to measure the economic impact of property demolition and rehabilitation programs in the Midwest. The findings of this research were used by the US Treasury to release over $2 Billion in Federal TARP funds. 

Ben also acted as the technical lead on the creation of the Nigeria Assets Decision Support System for the UK Department for International Development and the Office of the Chief Economic Advisor to the President of Nigeria. Most recently, Ben coordinated the creation of the Dynamo Metrics software, Neighborhood Intel™ that puts Dynamo’s analytics expertise in the hands of municipal and land bank decision makers.

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Dynamo Metrics works with diverse institutions that are making a real impact in America’s most dynamic cities.


Photo: Nik MacMillan, Unsplash